Friday, October 27, 2006

A very weird name, I know

We have 2 male cats that we have never been able to train to stay off anything, much less the kitchen counters. So when cooking, I am usually on the hunt for black cat hair in the pathetic attempt to have a hairless meal. No matter how diligently I search, I am unsuccessful in this endeavor. Hence the name of this blog.

For the last ten years or so, and particularly since the end of January 2006, I have had one health issue after another. After environmental allergy testing last May and doing a lot of research on the web for what I tested positive for, I decided to try several things to help me feel better.

I found information on a fluke about problems people have when they are gluten intolerant.

Bloating - check
Diarrhea - check
Weakness - check
Joint pain - check
Migraines - check
Bad teeth - check
Early onset osteoporosis - check

There are more, but I will stop there (I can hear my one reader saying "thank goodness").

So two weeks ago, I officially went gluten free. With one lapse. One PAINFUL lapse. This past Wednesday, I lost control over my willpower and ate part of a Wendy's single with cheese. Within 20 minutes, I was absolutely miserable.

After thinking about my stupidity, I decided I needed to do something to keep myself on track and away from the bad stuff. I hope this blog will do that as I will post whatever creation I made myself to eat.

And as always, with the addition of at least one cat hair.

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