Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A night off

I didn't feel like cooking tonight, no energy even to heat up last night's soup. It was a long day.

It started out well - I had some snuggle time with my boys and ordered my gluten sensitivity test, which should be here in the next day or so. I decided to do a little grocery shopping and if time permitted, stop at the pet supply store to get canned kitty food.

I wanted to hit a different grocery store than normal because they have a larger organics collection - Dominicks. Which is about 15 minutes away. I left the house about 7:15 without putting on make-up or making my chai latte because I figured I would have more than enough time to poke around at the store, get home, unpack groceries, slap on some face paint, brew my tea, and still get to work by 9.


It took me almost 45 minutes to get to the store because I didn't know about the repaving of the road I took to get there.

Once I finally got there, a little before 8, I walked in to see that the area that I knew was once the organics section is now a floral area. What the %^$#! I grabbed the first employee I could find and asked where everything was moved to. It turns out it is all incorporated into the store aisles with the appropriate sections. So I had to push the cart like a Nascar driver through the store to get an idea of what they're carrying now.

I managed to get some GF vanilla, baking powder, some different rice crackers, rice cakes on sale, arborio rice on sale... Good stuff. I also got a vanilla essential oil diffuser, a new cookbook (like I need one with a cookbook box coming tomorrow or Thursday), the new Ann Rule true crime volume, a bunch of Burts Bees stuff (which I love).... And more and more crap.

So I finally manage to get out of the store about 8:25 (and yes, I actually went through every aisle!). I knew I wasn't going back the way I came because of the construction, so I did a quick plan in my head on how to get home.

As I was approaching the house, the idiot chime and light came on - I was almost out of gas. Go figure. I detoured again, away from home, so I could put some gas in the SUV. I did the gas thing and headed straight for work with all the groceries in the back.

I got to the office at 2 minutes to 9 and had to haul all the perishables in so they didn't spoil before I could take my lunch break and take them home.

No make-up.

No blow-dry or curling iron.


I am lucky I am still awake to type this.

On a different note, I took a picture of Vester last night that I am debating on sending to MyCatHatesYou. That website makes me laugh every time.

Does he hate me? You tell me.


Garrett said...

Kitten War is also quite excellent. I should pop Eat Beast up there somewhere.

Sheri said...

Garrett - never heard of that one but after about 1/2 a minute of looking at it, it's now in my favorites. Thanks :-) Oh, btw, totally love your blog.