Friday, November 17, 2006

Taco night

I made 2 different "kinds" of tacos tonight, one with Taco Hell hard shells and ground beef and one for me, with ground turkey breast and fresh tortillas...yes, I made corn tortillas! I can't believe how easy it was or how much better fresh ones taste as compared to the processed junk I ate for years.

I ended up baking my tortillas until crispy and making nachos instead. For my first attempt, they were awfully messy-looking, so I didn't want to take pictures. Although, I could have blamed the ugliness on my poor camera skills. Ah, too late now, anyway.

Baby got a new cat perch this evening. He has had this one particular perch (which is really more of a tube with 2 holes and a solid top, all covered with 60's shag carpet) that we picked up for him the week after we got him. So he was about 9 weeks old. He's now 8. The top has partially given way and I am worried that our Baby, who has hip problems, is eventually going to fall through and get hurt. Hence, the new perch.

Now the fish tank really IS Cat TV. As evidenced by this picture.

As soon as I brought it into the house, he was sniffing it and Vester was immediately batting at the bell balls built into the legs. I finally got it into the living room and in its place (in front of the fish tank) and two seconds after I took my hands off of it, Baby was on it, staring the normal death threats at the sharks.

It will be a lot harder for him to knock this one over at 2:30 in the morning. Many nights I am awakened by the loud thump of the old perch going over...because Baby had leapt off it in pursuit of the sharks (he chases them around the tank, so he is known to run circles around...and around...and around...).

We also have Vester checking it out, after booting Baby off. Little bastard.

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