Monday, November 27, 2006

The transformation is nearly complete

I didn't much feel like cooking after Thursday, or doing anything else, so no posts or photos this weekend. Sorry.

I had to throw out an uncut pumpkin pie this morning...the one I made for The Man and The Stepson. The Man wanted the damn thing and so I made one. And it grew fuzzies before a knife ever scored its crust. Not amused.

On a good note, we got the outside decorations done and I got most of the inside done. Note the 50% off commercial on the TV. LOL I shop online. On Friday, there were nuts out there that actually drove FIVE HOURS...yes, FIVE HOURS due to traffic, to get to an outlet mall about an hour from here. I guess you have to be pretty dedicated to getting a bargain to do something like that.

Probably cooking tonight.

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