Sunday, December 03, 2006

My poor Baby and other stuff

Well, today I managed to get peppermint bark and fudge made before Baby's stomach decided to fire off again. The Man went to the closest store to see if they had kitty malt. No such luck, but he did come back with 2 jars of chicken and gravy baby food.

A couple of websites I checked out yesterday suggested baby food when a cat is sick because it's easier for them to digest that than regular wet food.

As a woman who doesn't have children, I just want to say that baby food REEKS - it smells much worse than canned cat food.

Baby has licked at the baby food twice and kept it down without a problem, but then he got cocky (as his mother is wont to do) and snarfed up some crunchies. Game over. Now he won't touch the baby food. At least not this last time. If I have to stay up all night, and I just might seeing as my tummy is also not amused for some reason, I will get him to eat more.

I spent some time with my flute today. The first lesson on Wednesday was a success and since I haven't spent much time playing over the last year, I assigned myself the same exercises as my student. Granted, my sight-reading skills are still there, though not as excellent as before, but I can't teach what I can't do myself, right?

I am now booked every Friday night for an hour or so through the end of December.


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