Sunday, December 17, 2006

Possible names for this photo?

So I am continuing on an assignment briefly derailed this week due to Christmas baking. The assignment? De-glutening the kitchen.

(While I made a few not-GF goodies this weekend, they were done with borrowed wheat flour, pre-packaged sugar cookies, and a hard-core scrubdown afterward)

So I am down to 2 cabinets and a drawer - ripping out contact paper, replacing it with shelf liner, washing everything.

I get up off the floor in front of my baking equipment cabinet in order to refill my glass of water. I come back to this.

Now, what shall we title this picture?

(1) Let's play hide and seek

(2) Who wants muffins? Just made some fresh... (ew)

(3) Aw, nuts. Busted!

(4) It's just not dinner without cat hair

Cats will be cats. Boys will be boys. Combine the two and there you go.

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