Saturday, February 03, 2007

Cold enough for ya?

Man, it's frickin' cold out there! Wind chills below zero. The Stepson actually thought I was going to let him out of the house a few minutes ago without a coat. Dork.

I have a turkey breast roasting in the oven in preparation for tonight's turkey and wild rice soup. Recipe and picture to come later.


Ellen said...

Hi Sheri,

So glad I stumbled onto your blog. We have much in common. No gluten passes my lips, I am a fulltime musician ( and also detest the cold. Will be in touch! BTW, Wisconsin is lovely in the summer - we attend a conference every June at Oconomowuc and it is beautiful!

Sheri said...

Hi Ellen - welcome! Once upon a time, I had dreams of being a full-time musician, but I found that I really enjoy what I do now and play for pleasure with the occasional wedding performance and now giving lessons again. And yes, WI is beautiful - I appreciate it a lot more now that I don't live there anymore.

Mike Eberhart said...

We hit 5-degrees F this morning. And, they say it'll drop to negative 5F early in the week. And, that is not counting wind chill! Brrrrr. I hate it!