Monday, February 26, 2007

Enjoy Life Rye-less Rye Bread

I should go on record right now as disliking rye bread. Even when I ate gluten, I hated rye bread. The only time I actually enjoyed eating the stuff was at the Eagles Club Friday Fish Fry. Dad has been a member of the Two Rivers Eagles Club as long as I can remember, and they have been doing their Fish Fry thing for years. Every once in a while, I would get roped into helping in the kitchen.

I don't know who they get their rye bread from, but it's the only one I would eat and enjoy. I think it's because it wasn't overly "caraway-ee." I have bad memories of my dad going a lot overboard with the caraway seed in the sauerkraut and to this day, too much caraway will cause me to promptly spit out whatever it is I am chewing.

So it was with reservations that I toasted two slices of Enjoy Life's Rye-less Rye Bread to make a sandwich for dinner. To the toasted bread I added 2 slices of Hormel's GF deli ham, baby lettuce, a couple slices of tomato, mayo, and some provolone cheese.

And it was....



Toasted, the crust was a little tough for my beat-up teeth to bite through or chew easily, but once I got past that normal annoyance, it was pretty darn good. The bread didn't have so much caraway that it turned me off, for which my keyboard is grateful (that's where the bite would have landed).

Would I buy it? If I was planning a reuben fest or a fish fry, you betcha. Just for noshing, probably not. It will probably take me 6 months to finish off this loaf.

But know that the next trip to my parents we take, I will have 2 slices stashed in a cooler in preparation for the Friday Fish Fry.


Lynn Barry said...

You crack up with your honest slices of your life. I love reading your blog. And I had reservations about it since I am certifiably afraid of CATS...LOL HUGS

Sheri said...

Hi Lynn! Happy to entertain you :-) My cats are declawed and for the most part are afraid of people, so mine are not kitties to be afraid of LOL