Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Pain and re-becoming a woman

Ten years ago this past November, I began taking the Depo-Provera shot as birth control because my monthly cycle was so horrible. When I received my diagnosis of advanced osteoporosis this past summer, my gynecologist decreed that I could no longer take this shot because of the osteo. He said that we could discuss new birth control methods once my body had rid itself of the Depo.

Monday afternoon, I started my first period in over 10 years. I have been dreading this, and for good reason, apparently. Every part of the misery that caused me to take injections every 3 months is back. Well, not all - I don't seem to have the vicious PMS. Yet.

I am really hurting today and decided to stay home to eat ibuprofen and apply heat to my abdomen and back. I can't even straight up to stand. Grr... Why does being a woman have to hurt?

The good news to all of this is there is already a half-baked plan to stop the pain in the future, but until I have a normal period, we can't move forward. My gynecologist is very talented in performing a procedure called a endometrial balloon ablation, where he inserts a balloon, fills it with saline, heats it - and cauterizes the lining of the uterus so that the lining can't grow. However, how long this procedure lasts depends on the person. It may only help for a couple of years.

Because of the severity of my cycle, he and I have also seriously discussed a hysterectomy.

Anyway, since I am home today and because it IS Valentine's Day, there will be food. Our protein is already marinading in the fridge, side dishes are planned, and there will be cake. Well, I should qualify that - there will be cake if I can bribe The Man into stopping at the store to get some heavy cream so I can make frosting.

I wonder if half-and-half would work to make caramel frosting?


Lynn Barry said...

Oh MY GOD, Sheri. You are having a tough time of it. Sorry to hear that. Your attitude is amazing. Thanks for sharing. Prayers and love. I hope you find relief soon.

Gaile said...

Wow, I am so sorry to hear how hard this is for you. Mine used to be absolute agony that 4 tabs of 800 mg motrin didn't touch. Then I stopped eating meat, and it settled into normal. No I'm not advocating vegetarianism, but you might want to try only eating hormone free meats and dairy products, for at least the two weeks before your cycle. This has helped many of my friends. I don't eat dairy anymore unfortunately, but I did notice that if I cut it out entirely the 10 days before my cycle, I had a lot easier go of it. Hope this helps!