Thursday, March 22, 2007

The new addition

I finally got to meet our future addition yesterday afternoon.

Really bad picture taken with my camera phone. You can barely see her. And no, that is NOT my house LOL

She has a little mohawk running down the top of her head - she's so CUTE!

Got any name ideas for a girl dog that won't even be 10 pounds full-grown?

So far, we have:

Gizmo - I think this is more of a boy name



Putchies - guess who came up with this one - you got it - THE MAN - I told him there is no way I am sticking my head out the door and calling for what sounds like "Butt-Cheese"


Lynn Barry said...

I though you were holding a guinea pig. I guess you can't yell GUINEA either...some ethic groups might revolt.
How about OREO because the black and white remind me of an Oreo cookie. HUGS

Sheri said...

How funny - shortly after a friend said "Oreo," I read your comment! I can't wait to bring her home :-)