Friday, March 09, 2007

Warm fuzzies

I started this blog in October 2006 as a way to keep myself gluten-free. I had a nasty habit of being too lazy to cook and throwing caution to the winds, I would swing by the local McDonalds/Wendys/Arbys/what-have-you to get myself something to eat. While I sated the hunger, I ended up completely miserable - not just physically, but mentally as well, because I knew that every time I deliberately ingested gluten, I was destroying all the healing that had begun.

I remember my excitement when one of the gluten-free bloggers I read religiously linked to me for the first time. Slowly, more linked, and in turn they turned me on to other gluten free blogs that I didn't know about. And I feel that we have become a circle, in a way. I love going to check out my tracking site to see who I know that has been on to read the goofiness I seem to post a lot of. I see the information and think, "Oh, that's Lynn!" Or "Mike was here today." And I feel wonderful knowing that I am part of what could be considered a gluten-free movement.

What makes me think about this tonight? While sorting through the mail a few minutes, I came across an envelope addressed to Just Not Dinner (Sheri). Hey - that's me! It is a lovely thank-you note from a fellow blogger to whom I had sent some of my extra xanthan gum a month or so ago. It is my first communication from the blogging world outside of my laptop.

We should all raise our glasses and toast ourselves. To those who choose to share their lives and stories with the world, giving amusement and encouragement to those who are taking their first steps away from gluten - I salute you. There are many of us out there who find it easier to make such a drastic life change with the support that other GF bloggers provide.

And just because it's probably expected...

While pulling my keyboard out from underneath the platform my laptop sits on, I knocked over my glass of ice water.


Ellen said...


I, too, find that I look forward to hearing from my gluten free blogging pals. It's like a secret society, except we don't really know each other outside of our blogs. It's comforting and encouraging and supportive to be in this community. Just tonight, I was thinking about how much I wanted a piece of good old wheat based bread. I was yearning for a crunchy ciabatta or french baguette. And then I remembered that I can't have that anymore. But for a moment, I forgot and my mouth watered. And then I got pissed. And I'm still pissed, even as I write this. The rice pudding I ate instead just doesn't do it. But that is life, eh? Having each other to complain to, to learn from, to lean on, makes a huge difference for me. Thanks for posting and reinforcing how great this community is.

Lynn Barry said...

I read this and cried. Thanks. We DO need each other for more than recipes and GF news...the laughter and fellowship makes me feel alive and cared about.Thank you. HUGS

Betty Jo said...

I'm just a week into eating GF. At the moment I feel a little anxious about it all. It's blogs like yours that I'm discovering that is helping me so much. I'm on the prowl for good recipes so will go now and look up more of yours that I can try. Thanks so much for your blog and your help!

Anonymous said...


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