Friday, April 13, 2007

Getting VEDDY, VEDDY annoyed

Giving up for the night. See, this is what happens when you plan with a new template. Grrr....

Sorry about the double header, but if I keep playing with this tonight while simultaneously being PMS Bitch of the World, my laptop may have a free flight to the backyard.

Tonight I really hate Blogger and CSS code and computers and...where's the damn chocolate?


Lynn Barry said...

At least you are trying, I am the type who is so technically challenged I just make do. Veddy Veddy good...Get THE MAN to help ya.

Jay said...

I've been in CSS hell before. I feel for ya. I was lucky enough to load a template where the creator actually helps out if you get stuck.

Mike Eberhart said...

Don't worry - you'll figure it all out and it'll look perfect when you are done. I just remember how many hours I messed with the picture in my blog header. I would have thought it'd take me 10 minutes, but nooooo... many hours because of cross-browser rendering differences, and limitations with how far I could push the template. I too was a bit annoyed :)

Good luck - looking forward to the new and improved site. I already like the fancy little graphic at the top!

Sheri said...

Lynn - I know much, much more about computers than The Man does, so I am out of luck there.

Jay - Boy, you did get lucky!

Mike - Finally getting to where I want it, but being true to my nature, I will probably STILL not be happy with it even when I get the header stretched out.