Sunday, June 17, 2007

Blooms and lightning bugs

I was out watering my flower and vegetable gardens this morning and took time to smell the flowers. I thought I'd share some of them with you.

Tonight Gidget met lightning bugs for the first time. She didn't know if she wanted to watch them or chase the frisbee. The bugs won.

She was supposed to get groomed last night, but the groomer got hung up with another dog that was extremely matted. So she came today and I had her go as short as was safe for The Gidge. She's nekkid now. The groomer put bows on her ears (which The Gidge promptly dispatched) so she looked like a girl dog instead of a boy dog.

We've had a few laughs over that.

I had big plans for The Man's Father's Day dinner, but he chose to be elsewhere. Which worked out okay since I am getting over a migraine that hit this afternoon, most likely due to the heat, which I don't handle well. So hopefully, I will have belated Father's Day yum pictures for you tomorrow.

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