Sunday, June 24, 2007

Goodie night

Oh, my.

I had a plan. The Gidge had crashed, allowing me to do what I wanted within reason (as she will wake up and follow me wherever I go). So I pulled out the Kinnikinnick pizza crusts and made my favorite pizza (olive oil, tomato, fresh basil, green onion, fresh mozzarella). While they were baking, I prepared part of my most important meal of the day - dessert.

On my counter sat some bananas. In my freezer was good vanilla ice cream. In my cupboard resided 6 ounces of milk chocolate and 6 ounces of good dark chocolate.

Wheels turned. Smoke rolled. And I decided to make a carmelized banana sundae with hot fudge sauce and macadamia nuts. Oh, and toasted coconut. So it was kind of a tropical thing I had going on. With yummy chocolate.

Oh my.

The Man will never buy hot fudge sauce in a jar again, thanks to the recipe I found here. I used half dark chocolate and half milk chocolate because it's what I had.

And since I was raised in the city that claims to be the birthplace of the ice cream sundae, it felt a little like home.

Sorry about the really bad picture - I had several spoonfuls in my face before I realized that I wanted to take a picture. And since I had a cold mouthful of ice cream, I could only use one hand to hold the camera (Ever do that? Shovel something cold in your mouth and hold your hand to your closed lips like it's going to HELP WARM IT UP?)

I may not eat again for days.


Flamenco Mom said...

Oh my! You may not think it's a great picture, but it tells me everything I need to know about that dessert. I'm salivating just looking at it!

Allergic Girl said...

looks great!tpswp