Sunday, August 19, 2007

Recipe test: Alton's GF Chewy

In my former life (read: before the severe food poisoning in March 1997 that most likely was my gluten-problem trigger; I was sick every time I ate from that moment until going GF last October), I had something of a sweet tooth. If it was sweet and didn't run away, I ate it. If it tried to run away, I gave chase and beat it down until it cried, "Fine! Eat me! You'll pay for it later!"

For 10 years, I rarely ate a cookie or enjoyed a piece of cake. I thought for quite a while that my problem might have been sugar-related, so I tried to stay away.


Several weeks ago, Food Network's Alton Brown had a food allergy based show that featured his gluten-free chewy chocolate chip cookie. I DVR all his shows (love him, love him, love him) so I can watch them when The Gidge isn't being a demon dog.

Imagine my surprise when Alton started talking about replacements for wheat flour! Holy old cow!

Now, a side story based on my adoration for my favorite TV chef. As you may or may not know, in addition to "Good Eats," Alton also does a show called "Feasting on Asphalt." The second season of this series takes him up and down the Mississippi River.

One of those Mississippi River stops was on a tow boat owned by The Man's company, which is based in New Orleans.

And The Man didn't do a damn thing to get me an autograph. He didn't call any of his coworkers, nothing. He's lucky I didn't call up a lynch mob on his ass.

Back to the Chewy. After watching the show...twice...(god bless DVR) I printed the recipe and read it through. My first thought? HOLY HELL, THAT'S A LOT OF BUTTER!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, 8 ounces - or two sticks - of butter. I suppose, if you are gonna be bad, you should be bad.

And GEEZ! TWELVE OUNCES OF CHOCOLATE CHIPS? That's a whole damn bag! I guess we're going to be REALLY BAD.

Well, I couldn't stomach all those chocolate chips, so I cut it in half. And I added a 1/4 cup of macadamia nuts I had sitting around (chopped up, not whole). But otherwise, I followed the recipe to the letter. The dough is chilling right now, so I will be back in an hour or so.

Two hours later...

So, here's a GF Chewy.

Here's a GF Chewy, broken in ha
lf (still warm).

How does it taste?

I now have a love-hate relationship with Alton. I still love him, but I hate him for ruining my dinner.


Sea said...

Lol- wonderful post. I have been thinking about those notorious Alton Brown cookies- I didn't realize how much BUTTER they contained... ouch! Still, fabulous that he's highlighting gluten free cookies.


Jenna said...

I had been toying with trying the recipe since its first airing (like you, Alton is one of my top Tivo's!) but had hesitated. Lots of butter, well and good... but could it really be any good? With your posting I'm gonna give it a whirl. And heck, the person I am learning to cook gluten free for won't mind the butter. 3 year old whirling dervishes disquised as nephews can manage the calories.

Sheri said...

Sea and Jenna, try them - they totally rock! I ate half the batch in the first half hour they were out of the oven. God, I love Alton.