Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A day in the life

It was a long one. Got up at 5 AM, courtesy of The Man's cell phone alarm clock (I chose to sleep on the couch because I was glutened last night - the smell of beer on The Man's breath will send me rushing to the bathroom when I am in this condition. Because I didn't sleep in our bed, neither did he - he slept on the love seat across the living room from me).

Ran around like crazy making myself breakfast, feeding the zoo, doing laundry, packing up the rest of the boss' food that I had made yesterday.

Went to the bank and then hot-footed it to work, where pile upon pile of paperwork needed my attention.

Came home. Sighed in relief.

Sighed again when I remembered the bushel and a half of apples sitting in the garage. I had been putting this off for two weeks.

Started peeling, coring, and chopping apples. Threw the pieces in the big-ass stock pot used only for the making of applesauce. Filled it three-quarters full - and still have the other half of the apples to do tomorrow. Any guesses on how many pint jars of applesauce that big-ass stock pot actually filled?

While the apples cooked down, made dinner.

The big-ass stock pot is at the front left on the stove. Dinner is in the two pans (one behind the other) on the right side.

Shoveled food in my face while doing dishes, stirring applesauce, checking emails, and tripping repeatedly over the dog.

Took the dog outside every 5 minutes because she kept ringing that damn bell on the door because you weren't paying attention to her. You had to take her out because you didn't want to undo the training.

Repeat on Thursday.

On the wall behind my stove are three handmade little plaques I picked up - from left to right they say "dream," "celebrate," and "inspire." The two outside ones, no matter how much I fussed with them, refuse to hang straight. So I am leaving them as they are, slightly tipped, one to the right, one to the left. Besides, I am not perfect, my kitchen is not perfect, my cooking is not who cares.

I am going to try to find something fitting to match the curve created by those two plaques.

Those 3 words mean something to me. "Dream" - that's what I can finally do now that I don't feel horrible all the time. I do most of my dreaming about food. Imagine that. "Celebrate" - every day that I have my health back, thanks to the food I eat. "Inspire" - I hope that's what I do with the recipes I post here.

Now that the last of the jars are out of the canner, I am going to make the bed with clean sheets, do some more laundry, soak in the tub, curl into a ball in my sweet-smelling bed, and crash.

Anyone local that might be willing to assist in the denuding of apples in exchange for a few pints of the finished product? I am so pitiful.

Nighty-night, all.


Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Wish I were closer, applesauce sounds so great! I'm really craving the flavors of fall now that it is cooler

(don't mind the cat blogs I don't have one for myself :) )

Sheri said...

Lauren, welcome to Just Not Dinner! And now that I have 20 jars sitting on my counter (and more to go), I am actually getting a little sick of applesauce before I actually have eaten any LOL