Monday, October 29, 2007

Now that the Haunted Barn is over for the season...Part Deux

OK. So here is the walk-through broken down.

I sat at the cash table and manned the door, thankfully with the help of Genie (the garage door opener attached to the entrance door).

First Room - The Wolfman
Second Room - The Mummy
Third Room - Dracula
Fourth Room - The Invisible Man (unmanned; Dracula pushed a button to inflate the body in the bed)
Fifth Room - Freddy Kreuger
Sixth Room - Psycho
Seventh Room- unmanned; long hallway with creepy footsteps

That ends the first floor. There was an emergency exit (used fairly frequently) in the Psycho room that allowed freaked out children to get out before it was too late. Once they went up the stairs, they were stuck until the end.

Eighth Room - Michael Myers (long hallway with werewolf pictures and an air cannon strategically placed that everyone stepped on the trigger pad and got a shot of air about knee-high)
Ninth Room - Creature from the Black Lagoon
Tenth Room - unmanned; I dressed the room in layers of bubble wrap, with black lights and strobes. Very difficult to find the door heading to...
Eleventh Room - Jason
Twelvth Room - Frankenstein
Thirteenth Room - Christine

The final effect is actually called Claustrophobia. It's two 8-foot-long bags inflated with high-intensity fans that press against you as you walk through. It was the longest 8 feet of the entire Haunted Barn according to most of our victims. Another 10-foot walk (where Mikey sticks his head out again right at the door) got you back outside.

So there you have it.

We already have decided on next year's theme and I spent some time searching the web last night to get ideas.

We're tired. Very, very tired. We still have to pack all the decor up and tear down the walls before we're really done for the season. We plan to try to get that done this coming weekend, but we've said that before LOL

The Man and I need to get our yard set up for trick-or-treating yet, too. Thank goodness he's on vacation this whole week and I myself have taken Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Look for new recipes, provided that I have the energy to cook.

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