Monday, April 14, 2008


Since I am sitting here, at 7:23 in the morning, in a pair of ratty sweats instead of work clothes, because our f'ing sewer backed up AGAIN and I am waiting for someone to come and rod the line, I should respond to Lynn's tag.

The only good thing about hanging out right now is that I am cranking out a loaf of bread. I stink after cooking all day yesterday, I can't brush my teeth...ugh.

So. Six descriptive words for me.

  1. OCD. Not one word, technically, but it's true to an extent. For example, I will check The Gidge's lead 3 times (every time) before I open the door to let her out.
  2. Reliable.
  3. Trustworthy.
  4. Batshit.
  5. Musical.
  6. Creative.
  7. And one more, just for giggles - temporarily stinky.

Now I can tag people, too: Shannon, Dianne, Natalie & Ellen.


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and was reading past posts until I STOPPED (rather abruptly) on the cherry bars. The photo has my mouth watering! I have a cherry tree, and the birds usually leave me half the cherries.

Here's my newbie question: Is almond flavoring safe to use, or do I need to find a specifically gluten free variety?

Thanks. I'll try this one with or without almond flavoring.


Sheri said...

Hi Kay! McCormick's extracts are gluten-free per their website: "All of our single ingredient spices and herbs are gluten-free and 100% pure, with nothing added to them. All of our extracts, including Pure Vanilla, are also gluten-free. Some of our products do contain gluten, and this will be clearly listed in BOLD type within the ingredient statement. We do not maintain a list of gluten-free products, as our formulas change from time to time." So now you can use the almond extract :-)

Lynn Barry said...

You forgot one...HILARIOUS!
You often make my day because reading your blog always makes me laugh out loud! THANKS!

Dianne said...

Oh dear Sheri!

You are having a terrible day, I hope it has improved by now! Let's hope so!

D :)

Sheri said...

Lynn, thank you :-) I do tend to get a little goofy.
Dianne, once I get done scrubbing the basement floor, life will be back to normal.

Dianne said...

Hi Sherri

Is that me you have tagged! There arent many Dianne's around, but that definately isnt my blog!


Sheri said...

Hi Dianne, yes it is you :-) I am just a dork that didn't catch that the copy and paste of your link didn't work and it placed Shannon's link in there instead. Fixed now, though!