Sunday, November 05, 2006

Gluten sensitivity/intolerance testing

So I have some personal reasons that are keeping me from having the blood tests done for gluten intolerance. Several members of gluten-sensitivity/intolerance forums have used Enterolab to have testing done. I am seriously debating this...because I want to know. But like I said, I can't have this bloodwork done right now, and may not be able to for a while.

I am hoping the expense is worth it and proves me not crazy.

I am being very good about not ingesting gluten. This morning, I needed a small dab of margarine for the chocolate raspberry spread, so I pulled the tub out of the fridge and lifted the lid.

Crumbs in the margarine/butter container drive me nuts anyway, but this morning, seeing the large volume of them deposited by The Man's knife while making bacon sandwiches on Friday, caused me to pitch a small hissy fit. Not that he was around to witness it.

It's a good thing I look at food more closely now. Tomorrow after work, I am going to have to buy another tub and clearly mark it as mine.

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