Saturday, December 09, 2006


I got my results from Enterolab yesterday.




It's not in my head.

While my positive test was not high numbers, it's still there. My antigliadin IgA was 16 units; normal is under 10. "Intestinal antigliadin IgA antibody was elevated, indicating that you have active dietary gluten sensitivity. For optimal health, resolution of symptoms (if you have them) and prevention of small intestinal damage and malnutrition, osteoporosis (too late for that!), and damage to other tissues (like nerves, brain, joints, muscles, thyroid, pancreas, other glands, skin, liver, spleen, among others), it is recommended that you follow a strict and permanent gluten-free diet. As gluten sensitivity is a genetic syndrome, you may want to have your relatives screened as well."

Well. Hmm.

The antitissue transglutaminase IgA came back normal, but a "high" normal at 8, with normal being under 10. That means there is no evidence of gluten-induced autoimmune reaction. *whew*

The fecal fat score was below normal also, so there is sno malabsorbed dietary fat in stool indicating that digestion and absorption of nutrients is currently normal. *sigh*

I had been GF for a month or so before taking the test, so I wonder how much that had to do with the 2 normal scores. Not that I am complaining!

It's a good feeling to know I am not crazy.

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