Friday, January 12, 2007

Does anyone really want to know?

I know I saw it somewhere...

On someone's blog last weekend, I saw a post about bloggers revealing more about themselves on their blogs. Can't find the post I saw right now, which is driving me batshit.

However, I figured "why the hell not?" So here goes.

About Me
Or "More Than You Ever Wanted to Know about a Crazy Red-headed Cat Freak Who Cooks"

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away (Northeast Wisconsin) there was born a young female who appeared to be a quite-young version of her mother. This young female was named Sheri Lyn and was a first wedding anniversary gift to her parents (born 1 year to the day after their wedding - no mysterious early baby was she).

Sheri showed her enjoyment of certain pursuits early in life: she was known to raid her mother's frozen apple pie filling, strawberries, and other goodies and stash them under her bed until she was able to eat it all. She began reading a few short weeks into her kindergarten year of school and by third grade had read the entire C.S. Lewis "Lion, Witch & Wardrobe" series. She picked out "Hark, The Herald's Angels Sing" on her aunt's organ in the third grade.

Oh, and her most strange food craving, when she would eat a large volume of it at one time? BREAD. Go figure.

Unfortunately, her musical and educational pursuits allowed her to become a hermit. Nothing made her happier that to be playing an instrument (Mom, do you remember me hauling home that ancient bassoon and whaling on it until I figured it out?) or curled up anywhere comfortable with a good book. Playing outside had to be forced by her parental figures - even with a pool in the back yard and Lake Michigan merely a few blocks away.

She began to enjoy cooking about the time she began dying her naturally brunette hair a garish red - college. Each successive roommate would get to test more and more recipes made up in Sheri's head.

When she moved home after college, she realized that her parents would not enjoy the food she liked to cook, so she often accepted the afternoon and evening shifts at work so she wouldn't be asked to make dinner. Bet that one got past you guys, didn't it, Mom?

Sheri met her future husband, The Man, in an AOL chat room. By the way, at this juncture, The Man prefers to not be named. Unless you know me and therefore The Man, in which case you may speak his name yourself in place of any "The Mans" you read.

Cooking was shelved until the day she moved to Illinois to move in with The Man, where she again had her own kitchen to play in. As she learned about The Man's lack of taste buds, she learned to chop food extremely fine while using way-too-dull knives. She also learned that small town grocery stores don't carry SHIT.

After moving to a real house (previously the couple lived in a 2-bedroom duplex apartment), she began hoarding nice cutlery, quality appliances, and has recklessly indulged her need of kitchen tools and gadgetry, funky foods, and healthful eating.

Sheri is surrounded by The Man, The Stepson, and her two Hairdroppers. In other words -outnumbered by men. But she buys the food, damn it, so she will cook what she wants. They don't like it, they can go out because NONE of them can make anything more difficult than frozen pizza.

Did that sound a little bitchy? Ah...another side of Sheri. Hmm.

To this day, she is happier sitting on the couch reading while snuggling with her cats than going out-of-doors to do anything other than grocery shop.

And naturally, we took this picture at a bad angle. My nose really isn't that big.
God, am I vain or what.


Tammy said...

How funny, cat hair is the secret ingredient at our house, as well. Extra fiber.

Thanks for dropping by and introducing me to your site!

Shannon said...

Bwah ha ha! The scary thing is that I kept saying "That's me!" as I was reading your post. Well, not the married in the burbs part, but the personality traits: homebody, reader, musician, etc. I started cooking about the same time as you. I was a veggie in college. It was either cook or starve. My roomies loved when I cooked. Moving home was a pain because the family does not like the kinds of food I love to cook (squash, anything with curry, goat cheese, etc.) God help me if I fall in love with a man who is a picky eater. I may end up killing him!

Sheri said...

Tammy - welcome! Cat hair is just a fact of life around here and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Shannon - I thought that the first time I read your blog. I think I am an older version of you (minus the music ed part - I was performance). I think many musicians, at least in my past experience, were kind of "to themselves" except while performing.

Anonymous said...

IT is a beautiful shade of red and it goes nicely with your coloring and features.
I know this is really late but I love your recipes and had to comment.