Thursday, January 11, 2007

A shopping excursion and a request

On my way home tonight, I decided to hit the grocery store (payday, you know). As I meandered up and down the aisles - I meander when I have finished in th GF section - I realized something important. I am no longer tempted by the gluten-containing formerly-nummy stuff on the shelves, endcaps, in the freezer, etc. When I can eat like I did last night, why do I need all that other stuff?

I think I have hit a milestone and am feeling pretty good about myself just now.

And for all you readers out there, I found out over at Gluten-Free By The Bay that it's De-Lurking Week (January 8th thru 12th).

This means you.

I would love to hear from the lurkers (and I am de-lurking myself at other sites at the same time) to see what they like, don't like, want to see more of, etc., here at Just Not Dinner.

Comment away!


Mike Eberhart said...

I LOVE the Alien-refernece image for delurking week :) Very nice.

Glad you hit that milestone where non-GF foods don't tempt you. I hit it only after Laura created an arsenal of recipes to replace my old eating habits with. I can not thank her enough for all her hard work on that. And, you sure seem to be cranking away on the recipes yourself, and great ones from the looks of things too! This is certainly key to a fulfilling glutenfree lifestyle.

Here's wishing you continued great feelings about yourself!

Janell said...

I'm a passerby from "Something in Season" rather than a constant lurker, but just so you know - someone is, in fact, reading your blog!

Allergic Girl said...

hiya! i'm delurking! i read the same post on BTB so here i am. love, those cinnamon rolls, they look fantastic BTW!

Erin S. said...

The name of your blog caught my eye first and finding out you cook gluten-free is just the icing on the the (gf) cake!

Sheri said...

Welcome! Make sure you brush the cat hair off your plates before you eat! Oh, wait...that's just me.

ByTheBay said...

Greetings from Lurkerville!