Friday, January 19, 2007

Invasion of the Trophies and Other Tales

I think I may have mentioned in the past my company's award banquet, which is happening tomorrow.

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the place where I have the awards done and was shocked at the volume. They filled all available space in my SUV, including the passenger seat. If I didn't haul all the boxes in (well, The Man did that for me this afternoon), so I could condense and remove the awards of people not attending, The Man and our suitcase were going to have to ride an hour to the resort on top of the SUV.

So naturally, since I took the afternoon off of work, I spent 2 hours of it sorting and reboxing the trophies and plaques. But now The Man will be able to ride in style. And the living room looks like it has been invaded by the Trophy Army.

One thing about my company - they're great people, for the most part. I can't think of many companies that will let you drink all night, eat a bunch of food, and crash in a resort overnight ON THEIR DIME. Yes, they pay for it all, and they even allow us to bring a guest.

Last night, bored out of my tree after my wonderful hair chickie came to the house to color and trim my hair for tomorrow, I tried to read my favorite blogs. Something was whacked out with Blogger again because none of the blogspot blogs would open; I'd get an error message.

Which made me think even harder about tackling a web design program and moving my blog. Designing a web page is something I have been wanting to do for several years and now is my opportunity.

Be right back...I am making Shauna's GF bread and have to dump the dough into the heated pot...

OK. Timer is set for 30 minutes. Now, back to our story.

I emailed a former co-worker of mine, who just happens to be an IT guru. I asked her about Microsoft's Front Page and Adobe Dreamweaver. She recommended downloading the free trial of Dreamweaver and trying it out. Good suggestion - I'd hate to dump $400 on a program I can't figure out.

So I am working my way through the tutorial to see if I can turn the boring ol' Just Not Dinner into something that looks a lot, I guess. Plus I like the option of having exactly the layout I want and not being stuck within parameters of a standard blog template.

Time to put the first coat of paint on my toenails. Consider this a commercial break.


Mike Eberhart said...

That's quite a few trophies.

As for Frontpage/Dreamweaver - the latter is definitely my choice. But, FrontPage is basically being obsoleted by MS's new product called Expression Web designer. It looks rather good, and they too have a free-download available. Here's the site if you care to check into it:

Sheri said...

Mike - um...LOL So you've used Dreamweaver? I printed the bigger-than-me manual and am usually pretty adept at figuring out new programs, but this kind of stuff is Greek to me. Can I pick your brain if needed?