Monday, February 19, 2007

Just call me Slacker with a bagel

Usually on the weekends, I am a cooking fiend and catch up on all the posting I should have done during this week.

I was a slacker this past weekend. Sorry about that. I just had no motivation to do anything other than play a stupid computer game. Well, that's not completely true. I did make spaghetti sauce in the crock pot yesterday, even going so far as to write down everything I did in preparation for blogging about it (I have been making my sauce on the "fly" for years). But we ate a very late lunch, I ate a lot of fricking chocolate, and therefore the household was not hungry at dinnertime. Into the fridge the spaghetti sauce went. Once we eat it, I will post.

I really hate doing dishes when I didn't eat anything.

Speaking of doing dishes, a miracle may soon occur here. My father owns a tv and appliance store in my hometown in Wisconsin. I may shortly be receiving (either by drop-ship or personally delivery by my parents) one of these. It won't be anywhere near the sink, so we are going to run water and drain lines up from our basement. I will still need to wash dishes, as I will not put my knives or calpalon cookware in a dishwasher, but it will be much easier to clean up after cooking.

And maybe my motivation to create in the kitchen will become as forceful as it used to be.

About the Enjoy Life bagels.... I never did eat one with just jam. However, on Sunday I did use one to make an egg sandwich. It was delish. Will I buy these? Absolutely. The taste isn't what I was used to in a bagel, but the texture is good, the taste isn't bad, and I am not a "just-bagel-and-cream-cheese" person anyway.

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