Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sometimes simple flavors are best

This morning, I told The Man that most likely I would not be making dinner tonight. We had a company meeting scheduled for tomorrow and since we waited until the last minutes to come up with things to talk about and an agenda, I knew I would be at the office late.

And then to my surprise, the meeting was cancelled.

I went to the store to see what I could see for dinner tonight. The produce naturally looks a little pale this time of year, but I have been scrimping on the veggies lately, so I decided to make myself something light, yet filling.

The Man naturally turned up his nose and has been grabbing string cheese out of the fridge for his dinner. I offered to make him leftover spaghetti, but rarely will he eat leftovers.

All I did was make a half-batch of polenta with butter and parmesan; saute some squash, zucchini, tomatoes, onion, green pepper, and orange pepper; and bake a piece of salmon.

And, boy, did it hit the spot tonight.

And it was FORTY-FIVE DEGREES TODAY! A veritable heat wave, compared to the frigid temperatures we suffered through over the past month.


Lynn Barry said...

Looks fabulous! THE MAN doesn't know what he's missing. YEAH for the heat wave. HUGS

Mike Eberhart said...

Looks both delicious and healthy all in one!

Gaile said...

dang, finicky man missed out, that looks awesome!

Sheri said...

I ate leftovers for 2 days and savored every bite :-)

Wheat Free said...

Hey, that looks great! I want to eat some too!